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Anonymous said: Are the Valais black nosed Sheep available in New Zealand?

I’m not sure?  I’ve only ever heard of them being raised in switzerland, your best bet would be to call your local sheep breeders association and see if they’ve heard of them being raised in New Zealand.  Judging by it’s island status, I’m going to guess no because of the current disease concerns.

Anonymous said: Are Valais Blacknose sheep readily available in the US? How might I go about finding a breeder that sells them?

Unfortunately Valais Blacknose sheep are not currently available in the United States.  Or so my research tells me.  There seems to be problems with diseases in their main breeding areas in Europe and so there are no actual sheep being imported.  There seems to be something in the works to get semen, but definitely not embryos. Perhaps at a later date the United States will be graced with their cuteness.  Until that time I suggest moving to Switzerland, it would be helpful though if you spoke some German before undertaking such an adventure.  Please let me know if you hear anything that seems to point to there being American Valais Blacknose Sheep in the near future, or alternately if you do in fact move to Switzerland.  I enjoy mail either way…  :3

If you thought you were one of a rare breed of people who liked sheep then you’ve clearly never been to Senegal!  They love their sheep so much there that they even have a television program in the style of ‘American Idol’ where people put their sheep up as contestants.  They’re checked for heath, beauty, symmetry and the like.  It’s like the ‘X-factor’ had a love child with the famous ‘Westminster Dog Show’. 

NPR ran a piece on the show and did a radio bit about it too.  You can check all that out here.


Ok, flock, I’ve been thinking and while posting cute pictures of sheeps and lambies is fun I think I want to throw in some cool educational stuff too.  (So don’t worry, the cute pictures will keep coming.)  If there are any questions you have for me about sheep or my obsession with them or whatever then send them my way (via the ask box).  I’ll do some research and find stuff out for you.  I have access to a full academic library including subscriptions to academic databases and other libraries’ books.  So no question is too out there.

I’m thinking I’ll try and find out stuff like:

When were sheep originally domesticated?

Where were they originally domesticated?

What is the most common use of sheep today?

What country uses/owns the most sheep per capita?

How/why have sheep been used in religious imagery?

What is the most popular breed of sheep?  Why?

What is the easiest breed of sheep to care for?

How long do sheep live?


So feel free to send me questions and I’ll get on this.


P.S. to any of my east coast followers I hope ya’ll are doing ok.  Stay safe and dry and INSIDE. 

Let the rat race begin!  (Happy Monday Flock!)

Let the rat race begin!  (Happy Monday Flock!)